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Breezeblock Films are an independent film company based on the south coast of England. We are dedicated to making films that are both original and honest. We are passionate about our work and strive to depict our world in all of its colour, light and darkness.

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MONICA is a lost and broken woman, whom, after a series of setbacks, feels that her world has been turned upside down. After a brutal attack by a local gang, she feels she has nothing left and wishes for somebody to come and save her from her unhappy life. A MAN appears from nowhere and protects MONICA from another attack at the hands of the gang. They form a deep and powerful bond as they embark on a passionate affair. As her confidence is restored through the MAN’s actions she then begins to question his past. As she investigates she is forced to confront truths about her own existence; truths that she never thought existed. But as events spiral out of control through a hellish nightmare she realises that devastating consequences may be waiting for her and her SAVIOUR.

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2013 – 93 mins

Simon lives with his parents, has trouble talking to girls and after dropping out of college, spends his days with an unemployed drug dealer and only friend Baldwin.

Craig is pushing 40, is an alcoholic with a violent past and has worked as a bouncer for as long as anyone can remember.

In a twist of fate, both men end up working together as doormen in the towns rundown, local pub.

DOORWAYS is a hilarious, thrill ride into the heart of a boring Tuesday night at a dead end pub, in a shitty seaside town

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